Saturday, February 1, 2014

Resolution Update

At the beginning of January I shared- I wanted to start cooking as a family- even if it was just once a week. Actually- I want my sons to learn how to cook... and I thought this would be a fun way to teach them.

January- I tried to record what we ate. Because I easily get in slumps and ruts. I thought it would be interesting to see what we actually eat.

Simple enough. Here is what we ate in January!

Jan1- Taco salad - We cooked this as a family, boys tolerated this experience.
Jan2- Wasabi restaurant Inspired marinade Chicken
Jan3- BBQ sandwiches
Jan4-Crockpot Chicken served over noodles
Jan5-Orange Glazed pork-chops with scallop potatoes- We cooked this together. My boys were not excited to peel potatoes. They resisted a bit. But I held strong, with my husband by my side.

Jan6-Left Overs: Chicken with noodles
Jan7-Left Over chicken: re-seasoned with curry= Crepeville inspired Curry Chicken Crepes
Jan8- Left over pork, with left over peppers from taco salad=  Pork/Apple Salad
Jan9-Tomato Soup with Kneaders Ends/bag of bread
Jan10- Pancakes for dinner
Jan11-Hamburger Helper (did I just type that!) Yes it is true. I'm not too proud to admit it.
Jan12-Chicken Cord on Bleu
Jan13- Bean soup and sausage- tasted okay on day one
Jan 14 Left over: Bean Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches- soup tasted great on day 2
Jan15- Cheese crusted chicken with broccoli
Jan16-Curry chicken crepes
Jan17-(Carrot soup w/rolls)- but we call it IRON MAN SOUP- so the kids will eat it. lol
Jan18-Chicken Pot Pies with Rice OR Chili and Rice (each person got to pick)
Jan19- Navaho Tacos- we cooked this as a family, at this point my husband is totally on board! He agrees cooking together is fun! Older boys are still complaining, but the youngest is a natural sue-chief! He loves helping in the kitchen now!

(Can you feel the "disgust" from my second son? He feels like he is wasting precious fleeting moments of freedom left in a Sunday night? With school tomorrow! How can I ask anything of him! lol)

Jan20-Mac-n-cheese and Smoking Apple restaurant inspired Corn Bread
Jan21- Pizza
Jan22- grilled cheese- (I've got sick boys- and this is what they want??)
Jan23-Cheese quesadillas (Still sick, still craving cheese?)
Jan24- Chicken Vesuvio (crock pot meal)- I am sick now... ugh, but dinner must still be served!

Missed the last 6 days of the month- I was sick! And it was pretty much YOYO. (Your On Your Own.) I think the boys ate a lot of cereal.

The three meals in blue, were from a cook book called, Six Ingredients or Less by Carlean Johnson.
They were delicious and easy peasy! I think I will be pulling more recipes from this cook book.