Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Can you relate?

I have four sons.
All of them - reluctant readers.
I feel like it is a never ending task- trying to encourage them to read.
Like that Greek tragic character who spends his eternities pushing a boulder up a hill...
 You know that guy? When he is close to the top- he stumbles
 and the rock rolls/tumbles down the hill only to have the task start again. 
If I am lucky- I find a series that one of my sons gets hooked on.
He'll read the whole series! I feel, for a month or so, satisfied that "Finally! He has realized the joy, magic, satisfaction of reading!" But then the series is over and back to square one.
 It's okay.
 I mean, like I have said before, this is my "mommy mission".
And if you knew me, in person, you would know..
I'm  pretty tenacious.
Having illiterate children- just isn't acceptable.
{partly- because I HATED to read when I was a child and now I can see how being a poor reader really made schooling and other aspects of my life harder. But more importantly- NOW I love to read! It is something that can be learned!}
So - my current up hill battle? My second grader.
We held book club last summer and that really motivated him- yay!
But there is no time during the school year to have book club.
He has now fallen in a rut.
Chapter books are just too daunting.
Nothing keeps his interest.
Every night was like pulling teeth to get him to read!
So- we have gone back to picture books.
I have decided (long ago) it is better that he reads-- regardless of what he reads.
He likes picture books.
He likes the satisfaction of finishing one, two , or three in one sitting.
He likes the pictures- who doesn't?
So while this may seem like a step backwards.. (regressing to picture books from chapter books)..
It's not. What is important is that kids read! And that they enjoy reading!
A cute series my second grader loves is..." The Night Before..." there are a few.
The Night Before Christmas,
The Night Before Easter,
The Night Before Halloween,
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day
The Night Before Summer Vacation...
I just wanted to share.
Don't give up on your reluctant reader!
It's a up hill battle - worth fighting.