Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Fun and a GIVE AWAY!


My kids are staying busy this summer. Our house has looked like a Lego war zone for weeks! It is hours of fun. While I love the creativity, I have to turn a blind eye to the mess. Why aren't Lego's in your bedroom just isn't as fun as Lego's in our living/great room?
So anyone who stops by- gets to see and walk into our creativity- explosion! (If they are neighborhood kids they say, "WOW!" and jump in. If they are neighborhood parents they say, "Whoa!" and back out the door. lol)
Watching my kids (and the neighborhood kids) creating with legos reminded me of a book.
One family used their sons passion for legos to help them connect to stories.

You know how I am always trying to help my sons connect to books.
You know how I always want to spotlight people who have great ideas
 on how to help kids connect to books...
Follow this link  to learn more about this creative idea and how you
can win a free book!