Sunday, October 5, 2014

Books for different ages and reading levels.

Books For Babies! These are books my babies have loved! Books they grab and love to interact with. These are the books I keep in my car when we are going to be driving for an hour. They are the books that make it into the airplane bag. If you are looking for a book to give as a baby shower present- click HERE.
Books are always the perfect fit- that they won't out grow too fast!

Story Time ideas for Preschoolers! Click HERE

Story time Ideas for Beginning Readers!
k-1 reading level books. This group of books are good for those just beginning to read.

Book Club Outlines and Book Reviews for Independent Readers!
Reading level of 2-3 grade.
This stage is able to read short chapter books on their own.

Book Club Outlines and Book Reviews for Confident Readers!
Reading Level of 4th grade or higher.
These books tend to be longer chapter books.

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