Read- Aloud Tips

Read books that interest you! Your attitude while reading sets the tone for the group. If you’re bored, they’ll be bored. If you love it, they’ll connect with the book.

Get comfortable through practice! Read your story aloud several times before the reading day to make sure you’re familiar with it.

If the kids are sitting on the floor, sit in a low chair. If they are at desks or a table, stand. They will have an easier time focusing on you if you are slightly elevated.

Introduce stories in an exciting way! Ask questions, bring a fun picture or a silly prop to get their attention.

Speak s-l-o-w-l-y and clearly.

Hold the book so everyone can see the pictures.

Maintain eye contact when you can.

Adjust the tone and volume of your voice to fit the dialogue and the different characters in the book. Softer and slower speaking helps build suspense, while speaking loudly and quickly helps with action-packed portions of the book.

Be flexible! Adapt to the reactions of the children and be prepared to cope with interruptions. You don’t need to acknowledge every comment verbally; instead, try eye-contact, a wink, or a smile to the child who keeps commenting.

Don’t be afraid to read something a little “too-hard” for the kids’ age group. It will challenge their minds and they might surprise you!

Choose to read in an area with few distractions. For example, do not read in front of a brightly lit window. Try to minimize noises from outside your room; shutting the door and posting a “Quiet please! Story time is in session” sign has worked well in our house.

Encourage children to read on their own! Reading to children is even better when they are motivated to read themselves.

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