Saturday, August 10, 2013

Well- we had our last book club meeting for the summer. You can read all about that HERE
We read a fun series: Weird school by Dan Gutman.

The boys want to continue with book club in the Fall! I couldn't help but smile. Another son, hooked on book clubs. (One point for MOM.)

One tip I've learned- to simplify- is letting the boys read different books in the same series. If I can't get multiple copies of the same book.

 I collect series of books when I shop at thrift stores. So for this summer book club- we just used my stash of books. (That cut out a lot of stress- for me, for other parents, and for the kids.)

You might ask, why does this stress the kids out?
If you rely on parents to find the book club book at the library or wait for it to come from Amazon... the kids feel like they are starting from behind. (Not good for reluctant readers - who will use any excuse NOT TO Read.)

So I always give the book to the boys at book club. They feel great- knowing they are starting at the same time as everyone else.

This summer I kept book club pretty simple.
 (He is my fourth son- so I've learned a lot over these 9 years of hosting book clubs for my boys.)

I encourage you to look around the site- there are lots of ways to make hosting a book club for your child- easy!

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