Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Movies that will inspire summer reading!

If you have a reluctant reader, like I do, try using movies to encourage summer reading!
Especially if your child enjoyed Percy Jackson: Lightening Thief!

Aug. 7th the second Percy Jackson book hits the silver screen: Sea of Monsters.
My 10 year old is asking about when does the movie come out and more importantly-
 when can HE see it.

Deep inside, my heart jumped. I thought, "Finally! A story he is interested in!" I suggested he read the book first. (He wasn't too excited about that.) We normally wait to see movies at the dollar theater- so I bribed him... he could see it as soon as he finished the book! Opening night- if he wants!

Follow this link to the movie trailer.

If you have reluctant readers- movies really help them connect to the characters, setting and plot. I have found that watching a trailer or even 10 minutes of the actual movie (on video) helps them set important information in their minds- so as they struggle to read- they still are able to follow the story line. They don't struggle over details in setting, or character descriptions- those things are already firmly implanted, they can just follow the adventure.

 My 10 year old tried to read book 2 after he watched and read book 1- but he got lost a bit. (Too many monsters if you ask me.... ) But after watching the trailer- he is ready to try and tackle the book again.

Another great book for OLDER boys- that is being made into a movie this fall is Ender's Game.
(If you let your child watch Hunger Games- this is similar in intensity.) This movie comes out in November, you can follow this link to see that trailer.

Two great movies coming out- means two great opportunities to get your kids reading!

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