Friday, May 24, 2013

Any Method to my Maddness?

So we're thinking about starting a book club this summer for our kids. You are on board with me- right?. Then why can sense your moaning and hesitation right now?
yes... it takes a bit of planning
yes... it means coordinating with friends and neighbors
yes.. it's summer and you would rather spend all day at the pool, or beach (boo hoo) let's not bring up sensitive topics.) Or camping, family fun trips, or reunions.. a million other things than having a group of kids at your house, that you have to "entertain".

I get it. 

Really! I am feeling very lazy about this whole project myself. I mean- I've been hosting book clubs for years now... for three boys... I look at these old posts and pictures and think... "Been there done that!" Isn't it time to give myself a big pat on the back?
Isn't it? No
I have four sons. And my youngest who is finishing up first grade, struggles to read. He really wants a book club this summer. (He actually asked me about it!)

And honestly- book clubs work. Each of my sons, having their own book club, really motivated them to read.

So- Your With Me- Right? We can do this!
If you click HERE- I break it down on how to start a book club for your son or daughter.


If you really are feeling lazy- I have simple book club ideas that require NO major prep. If your book club is for younger kids- try Field Trip type book clubs. (I've done a few- click HERE)

If your book club is for teenagers- try a Movie book club. (Those are fun and simple- click HERE)
If your the type of mom who likes throwing 'theme parties' I've got book clubs ideas for you too.

Really book club meetings can be as simple or complex as you want.
WE really can do this.             (Here my youngest is pictured with his old Hawaii book club gang.)

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