Thursday, May 2, 2013

Reluctant Readers

There is much more to read in the world than just books! In fact, your son might be reading more than you realize. Just because he doesn't dedicate himself to reading a lengthy novel doesn't mean he hates reading. Some other ideas to "spice things up":

Kid-friendly magazines. Magazines are less intimidating for reluctant readers because they have lots of pictures and shorter articles. If your son loves animals, he's sure to love Ranger Rick. Sports fans will enjoy Sports Illustrated for kids.

Recipes. Get him helping in the kitchen; he'll find it hard to refuse the invitation when he knows he'll be rewarded with a warm, gooey cookie afterwards!Computer games with written dialogue. Look for games that require reading to play.

Directions. Print out road directions and let your son navigate!

Computer game/ cheat guides. If your son has a favorite game see if there is a guide that reveals hidden secrets and "cheats". What better way to practice comprehension? Your son will apply what he has read to get the reward while playing his game. (Remember: it doesn't matter what they read. The trick is to get them to read.)

Joke books provide hours of entertainment for boys, who often end up laughing so hard they don't even realize they're reading!

Magic trick books

Scavenger hunts, treasure hunts...when you start getting creative, you'll find that everyday reading opportunities are endless!

What to do for older boys with lower reading levels?

This is a common challenge. Older boys don't want to read "baby books" that are closer to their reading level, but often the books that interest them are just too hard to read. One of my sons had this problem until a family member gave us a subscription to Ranger Rick. He loved the articles, which were short enough that he could read them without getting frustrated, and all the great pictures kept his attention. Check out our side bar for a link to some great kid friendly magazines!

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