Saturday, May 18, 2013

Don't I know you?

Book Club Round Up    & Book Club Outlines

If you have visited Bookclub4boys before- you might be surprised to see the new look. Don't panic! You are at the right place! If you are looking for ideas on how to start a book club for your reluctant reader- click on the two links above.

I must apologize for the last year, that I fell off the grid.
We moved.
And not just a move- around the corner or over to the next town- I know those are a pain and cause headaches and heartaches...

But our move was from a small island in the middle of the pacific--( Oahu, maybe you have heard of it? Perhaps you have visited?) to UTAH!

It has been a year of major transition.
For the whole family- and some things had to give... and some things had to go.... for me to keep my sanity....this website was abandoned.

I hope you will understand and forgive me.

But I am back!

The dust has settled.
Summer is quickly approaching and my youngest son (who is now 7 years old) asked me the other day- "So when is my book club?"

I guess he has grown up- watching his older brothers have book clubs and has been patiently waiting for his turn.

I thought- Your right buddy! It's time to start a book club! (Even though, inside- I was feeling a bit rusty. I mean, it is starting over- again! I don't know many people. It is going outside my comfort zone- to ask near strangers, would you be interested in your child participating in a summer book club?)

And I also should disclose: He doesn't look forward to the reading- as much as the book club activities.

I asked, "So what books do you want to read?"

He said, "Do you remember how to make those flying dragons?"


"That one!"


"Do you remember those science experiments?"


"I want that one too."

See - he doesn't know the books his brothers read, but he remembers the fun activities we did.
So if you have a reluctant reader... boy or girl... browse around. You'll find some good ideas.

And let's plan a book club for this summer- together!

Please be patient with the blogsite- when you are redirected to the other pages, not all the links are working yet. (After being dormant for a year- some things got goofed up.) The new template- with working links should be up and running by the end of the month!

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